1st Battalion The Queen’s Regiment Reunion

25th May 2013


On 31 December 1966 four Home Counties regiments were amalgamated to form a new ‘large regiment’ - The Queen's Regiment. The battalions of the new regiment were:

· 1st Battalion (Queen's Surreys), formerly The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment (2nd, 31st & 70th Regiments of Foot)

· 2nd Battalion (Queen's Own Buffs), formerly The Queen's Own Buffs, The Royal Kent Regiment (3rd, 50th & 97th Regiments of Foot)

· 3rd Battalion (Royal Sussex), formerly the Royal Sussex Regiment (35th & 107th Regiments of Foot)

· 4th Battalion (Middlesex), formerly the Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) (57th & 77th Regiments of Foot).


After service in Northern Ireland, Berlin, Cyprus, Belize and Gibraltar, the regiment became part of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment in a further amalgamation in 1992. A vestige of the regiment still lives on in the form of B (Queen's Regiment) Company, The London Regiment.


On the bright sunny evening of 25th May, former members of 1 Queens gathered in Herne Bay for their annual regimental reunion. Thanks to the influence of our Eb piccolo player David Lear MBE, former Queensman and Drum Major, we had been invited to perform.


So, at 7 in the evening, we squeezed in single file down the narrow alley at the side of the Herne Bay United Forces Club ready to file on. We entered playing Galanthia and formed up in front of the expectant crowd lining the small lawn in front of the Club.


Before we continued, Joe Dormer the reunion organiser said a few words about the recent atrocity resulting in the death of Drummer Lee Rigby of 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. A minute’s silence was observed.


After this sad beginning, our Westminster bugle fanfare introduced the programme we had practised at Clandon four weeks previously:- King of the Fairies, Euterpe, a WW1 Medley, The Londoner Medley  and The Jigs. Our routine was varied this time as it included our new drum beating and ended with The National Anthem and Soldiers of The Queen – all receiving an enthusiastic reception.


The Regiment’s old motto ‘Unconquered I Serve’ seemed appropriate to all that evening and it was great to have played to such a knowledgeable and appreciative audience.


Mike Boxall

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1st Queens Regimental Reunion

Herne Bay 25th May 2013

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You Tube Link to the Corps Display

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZCCihYD1Lg