1st Cinque Ports Rifle Volunteers Corps of Drums


Lord Mayors Pageant & Parade

Scribe Mike Cheeseman

Lord Mayors Pageant & Parade 5th June 2010

(pictures to follow)


It was on the 4th June that 6 members of the Corps travelled up to Liverpool to take part in a combined Corps for the Lord Mayors Pageant & Parade. Our accommodation was to be in Altcar Camp, a training establishment for Regular, TA, and Cadet personnel located in Hightown some 10 miles north of the City. Peter Foss had made all the arrangements and on our arrival on Friday evening had us established in our rooms in the barrack blocks, and Drum Major Fairfax was soon putting the Air Training Corps Drum Majors Lorna Thompson and Jonathon Richardson through their paces on the regimental square.


Friday evening was spent in the Rose Club where we met up with the other members of the Corps made up of personnel from the Sudbury British Legion and Yorkshire Corps of Drums, Liverpool ATC units and some former members of the Scots Guards. The marches for the parade and the music to be used for a concert that we would play in the shopping centre after the parade was practiced before some liquid was taken on board to avoid any chance of de-hydration on the march through Liverpool the following day.


It was an 0600 hrs reveille on the Saturday morning, and off to the cookhouse for breakfast at 0700 hrs. At 0800 we paraded under the Direction of Geoff Fairfax to rehearse our parade music and drill. The weather was initially overcast and cool but once we were booted and spurred in our scarlet tunics out came the sun, it was going to be a warm one.

The bus duly took us into the City where we proceeded to the start point for the parade and found that we would be leading. As usual there was time to kill but as 1300 hrs came round the Corps stepped off to rousing drum rolls and The Great Escape, accompanied by the Town/City Crier. Other marches were Belphagor, Killaloe, The Jigs, and The Welsh Medley.


The parade was quite a long one lasting nearly an hour, the music was first class and was very much appreciated by the huge crowds lining the route in the City Centre. Once our parade duty was finished we made our way to the designated performance area in the shopping centre where we put on music for 40 minutes in concert format. Our concert got under way when we were joined by 8 pupils from Liverpool College ATC who put on an excellent drum display, most of these side drummers had  only been training for a couple of months, their performance was a real credit to them and their instructors. Having played the drum beatings and “The Great Escape” Liverpool College joined the Corps for the remainder of the planned repertoire. The Scots Guards representatives next launched into The Jigs which was  enthusiastically received by a very large crowd. It was then time for some of the younger children to have a wonderful time accompanying us with bells, whistles, and various other items of equipment that made a noise when we played “Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machine” and “The Welsh Medley”, they were ably assisted by Drum Major Richard Cole and Tenor Drummer Charles Gray.  The concert was concluded with a resounding performance of “Yellow Submarine”


Once the concert was completed we made our way wearily back to the Liver Building where our bus was waiting to return us to Altcar Camp. The evening was once again spent relaxing in the Rose Club, the youngsters of the Corps enthusiastically having a go at the Karaoke.


It was again an early rise on Sunday morning for breakfast before packing up and heading south. Our thanks to Peter Foss for organising a cracking weekend, congratulations to all the Cadets that took part they did themselves and their instructors, Peter Foss and John Thompson proud. It was a most enjoyable weekend and hope to see more Corps Members on parade next year if we are invited to attend again.

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