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Fun Fest Day 24th June 2012


Scribe Christine Fairfax

Cinque Ports play with the Lions


After spending the previous week listening with some anxiety to the relentless depressing weather forecasts, by Friday things were beginning to sound more positive, and Sunday dawned wet, after a night of heavy rain, but promising some improvement. Performing a marching display whilst wearing wellies might have been a practical solution in one sense, but sartorially would not of enhanced the appearance of the corps.


The day was an important one for all involved: organised by the Lions from various locations in Surrey, it was a Family Fun Day for adults and young people with disabilities (is there a pc wording for this?) and their carers. A host of activities are brought together - miniature railways, model areoplanes, bouncy castle, plate smashing, donkey and ponies and more - and throughout the day various acts, of which we were one. As everything was organised to take place outdoors, rain would have put the damper on it in every way.


By the time we were ready to go on, the sun was out but the ground was deceptively soggy - after a couple of countermarches, gleaming boots had become matte beige, and trousers had taken on a fashionable mud-speckled hue - distressed worsted will be the new tweed perhaps but we splashed on valiantly.

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We performed three spots during the afternoon: we began with a mostly static display where guest conductors were invited to take the baton and aspiring players the cymbals and side drums; other could join us in the marching bits. The middle performance was more formal featuring our marching / mud spattering routine with our current display repertoire. After this, it was out of tunics and into polo shirts, although still in our mud-encrusted trousers, for out final “dressdown” session under a conveniently empty awning.


For this last spot we were sandwiched between Elvis and the Belly dancers - I think we all pulled equal numbers of spectators, and Elvis himself, in his Schiaparelli pink jumpsuit came over to watch us but declined to take the cymbals. Fortunately others were made of stronger stuff and we had a steady supply of percussionists joining in, each of whom received a certificate for their efforts, and yes, the organisers have asked us to go back next year. Time enough to begin casting the runes to see what the weather has in store for us then.

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